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Marish Solutions

Business & IT Solutioneering!

Marish Solutions revolutionizes the concept of outsourcing through Solutioneering. Business Solutions and IT Engineering is at its best through Marish Solutions offered services and solutions, we focus on customer satisfaction through utilizing available resource and our talent.

Marish Solutions started its operations officially from Karachi, Pakistan in 2008, and continued to served its clients globally until September, 2013, when the head office was relocated to Dubai, UAE due to strategic change in the operations and internal dynamics. Marish Solutions continued to grow further bit by bit steadily and today Marish Solutions has become a one stop solution to all technology, communication and business requirements. Marish comprises of a versatile group of engineers and business consultants who work together to develop solutions on micro and macro level. Our Project managers make sure every client gets one on one treatment, thus making sure everything is on track and our clients are completely satisfied.

It is our range of services that differentiates us from the rest. We specialize in all aspects of Technology and Business and therefore have a team consisting of Web developers, Graphic designers, Academic Writers, Content Writers, Translators, Marketers and Financial Analysts.

Why Marish Solutions

Because we know how to maximize your business potential through technology and great business management skills. Because we understand our customers’ requirements and work just not to fulfill their requirements but delighting them with exceeding their expectations.

Comprehensive Support

We offer end to end solutions where our clients can keep on focusing on their core potential and leave the rest of the business operations on us. We ultimately become the working hand.

Customized Solutions

We don’t believe in One-Size-Fits-All! rather we sit with our clients, discuss their requirements in detail and then propose/develop solutions that are bespoke for our clients, hence they work perfectly as well!

Carefree Outsourcing

We work with our clients as team members and partners, hence our clients become carefree with day to day maintenance operations, and focus on their core work, ensuring higher productivity and better revenue!

Our Brand Values

Our three brand values sets us apart from the rest.


We ensure that we deliver quality every time consistently which would result in developing trust and long term business relationships with our clients

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Vigilance is our middle name! we know the importance of deadline and timely communication, hence we ensure that our client gets updates regularly

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Technology is all about innovation, and we always ensure that the solution we provide are innovative, creative and secure within the available resources

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Highly skilled professionals at work!

Our job is always in the right hand when it is outsourced to us

We build relations rather than businesses

We believe in building up relationships, because it benefits both the customers and the company. We know that long term business relations are built with trust, sincerity and consistency in performances.


To be one of the leading project outsourcing firms, that serves Business and Information Technology needs concurrently and provides high quality service delivering superior value to customers and associates with firm belief in our vision and with rigorous dedication, integrity and honesty we endeavor to generate project solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Process Flow

The Engineered Process flow of Marish Solutions is another point of difference for the company that allows the company to stay connected with its client throughout each project. We emphasis highly on quality communication because we believe that the key to successful completion of the project is efficient and effective communication.


A significant feature in Marish Solutions profile has been the client repeat rate. We have a client repeat rate of 47% with 300 projects in one year which is undoubtedly exceptional. Our exceptional communication efficiency has made it possible.

Missionary Statement

We envisage ourselves as a company that is capable of providing world-class project outsourcing across industry verticals. We endeavor to maximize value for our customers by offering them efficient and cost effective solutions for achieving product innovation and profitability.

Marish Solutions’ three Mottos

1. We treat your work as our Passion!

2. We feel exactly the same away you feel about your business. We are passionate, dedicated, devoted and skillful. Only through high class management and integration of all skills we are always able to produce high quality services consistently.

3. We maximize your business potential more than your expectations

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